Hip hop:Behind the scene

Ever heard of HipHop? Of course you have however there is more to add to this gangster type culture that every youngsters are mad crazy about.
     However there is a history behind this epidemic.Hip Hop has its roots deeply engraved into the history of mankind.
     So here are the 10 points that you should know about hip hop.

1.Hip hop originated in the late 1970 when African americans dissed racism through Oral,Visual,Physical and Audial means.

2.There are 4 elements of Hip Hop namely Bboying,Rapping,DJing and Graffiti art.

3.Rapping or Emceeing is the Oral form of Hip Hop where rappers sing phrases and rhymes corresponding to the beats played by the Dj.

4.Bboying or breaking is the physical form of Hip hop where Bboys or Bgirls expresses through dance.

5.DJing is the Audial form of Hip hop where the Dj uses turn tables to mix music.

6.Graffiti is the visual form of Hip hop where artists use paint cans to paint vibrant pictures of social thoughts.

            Hip hop is the most popular culture and a trend followed worldwide.The rhymes rapped by the rappers are bolder than wordsworths poem Bboying is more dynamic than another dance form and  Dj mixtracks with elusive beats.Hence Hip hop is the most superior culture world wide.

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