“And there I stood…..

______________________________________ And there I stood,Amidst the clouds and winds, That shelters the strong and  uproot the weak, That blesses the green and curses the brown, That brings the winds that torment the light and bathes the broad. Can I prevail over the unjust test of nature, Or be uprooted of my very existence and lose my stature? ___________________________________________ By Johan Debbarma Talks and whisper. Continue reading “And there I stood…..

A Wind That Slaps Sense.

Struggling over every step panting on every move. Waking over every slap that the wind of life knocks sense into. How hard is it to live in this life that we didn’t choose. Driven by grief and obliged by love. Living on superstitions about heaven above. Yet treading steadily with these humble nimble feet, Killing and fighting for every single need; Some  use swords will some use pens Some use words that hell had descent. People say we gotta climb ladder of success Well we trample over dead souls that fail to prove their worthiness. Nature is cruel,nature’s evil Struggle … Continue reading A Wind That Slaps Sense.

Hip hop:Behind the scene

Ever heard of HipHop? Of course you have however there is more to add to this gangster type culture that every youngsters are mad crazy about.      However there is a history behind this epidemic.Hip Hop has its roots deeply engraved into the history of mankind.      So here are the 10 points that you should know about hip hop. 1.Hip hop originated in the late 1970 when African americans dissed racism through Oral,Visual,Physical and Audial means. 2.There are 4 elements of Hip Hop namely Bboying,Rapping,DJing and Graffiti art. 3.Rapping or Emceeing is the Oral form of Hip Hop where … Continue reading Hip hop:Behind the scene